Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Here we go!

So, yes, it's been awhile.
Life has been crazy!
My 10 year old fur-baby, Tipsy passed away, leaving a LARGE hole in our hearts (she was a great dane). And after having to endure my 7 year old son listening to "The sad song" over and over in his room, we adopted a puppy.
Well, toddler dog, not really a puppy. She is about 11 months old now. And she keeps us busy!

She's a Dalmatian/terrier and about 30lbs of energy. She keeps us busy, and she also is a perfect fit for our family. She loves the Monsters and cuddles with anyone.
But on the book side of my life....
-- I've finished writing and editing Luminary. --
-- AND I've finished writing Rogue. --
**Oh, I should note, Neophyte is YA, while the rest of the series falls more into the NA category**
Next up in the Linked Series is Ipsum.
But I am torn...
Because I have a NA Contempary Romance I would like to edit and get done too.
So I ask you...
Work on more Linked Books OR edit the contemporary romance?
I also have another contemporary romance that I wrote about 1/3 of that I could finish too.
What do to, what do to?
Until next time!


Ashley Andrade said...
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Ashley Andrade said...

When should we expect the rogue book available in stores or at least nook form? I have been waiting to read, gotta time it so i can read Neophyte again before reading the second! Im so excited its finally finished =]

Emmalee Aple said...

I will actually be writing up a BIG NEWS post real soon... I am just fleshing out the last of the details before I spill my big news!


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