Thursday, February 13, 2014


Not with this blog... sorry for the absence... I spent all... well most... of January and the beginning of February rewriting/editing Neophyte.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know, I have been saying that forever now. 

But really.

It's done.

And it's sparkly and shiny and amazing.

For those of you who have read previous versions of it. Ditch those and read this one. 

You will thank me.

As for any and all manuscripts that come after Neophyte... well I am working on Requiem right now. And hopefully by the time I am done editing and writing it--I'll be able to pronounce it's title properly.

I seriously only have like 20-30 pages more to write and it's done!

And then I will be writing Rogue, which is in like a billion pieces right now.  And working on the rewrite of Tainted Lullaby, because you are all going to want to read that one... its my New Adult, and it's so freaking hot and amazing and I am so proud of it.

So, yeah that's where I am right now. 

Gotta run and get the Goose from preschool - today was their Valentine Celebration! She was so excited!