Monday, March 10, 2014


I've become an ADDICT!

I love Brenda Drake contests and Pitch Madness is finally here! 

I entered my submission around 7 this morning CST. And officially dumped my submission into the slushpile

Hopefully I make it to the top 60!

Here is my submission for your reading enjoyment. 


Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Word Count: 95,000


After sacrificing her life to save a friend, Addisyn's angelic afterlife should be all clouds, halos, and harps. Too bad the dark-winged angel who's manipulating her to incite a war didn't get the memo.


Honestly, they must have thought I was going to throw a celestial-sized rager the minute they left me alone. They’d promised me some time to myself, and yet, twenty minutes later, were still skulking around, finding ways to delay the inevitable. I’d been under almost constant supervision for two years. An hour or two alone wasn’t going to kill anyone.

I sank into the porch swing. The sun dipped lower over the ocean and created a cascade of colors across the evening sky. Seawater gave the air a clean fragrance as the soft, constant roar of the waves filled the otherwise silent night. Finally, I could just relax and pretend I was a normal teenage girl, instead of feeling like the recently deceased Addisyn White and her five angelic misfit handlers: Bossy, Crabby, Hottie, Cocky, and Rebel.

“Hey,” a voice called from the doorway. I glanced over to my best friend Cocky-I mean Hunter-standing there with a grim look on his face, as if leaving me alone was tantamount to signing my death certificate. Again. We were bonded by God. Which sounded more epic than it really was. Mostly the bond just gave him an all-access pass to my thoughts with only a touch of his hand to mine. I had yet to gain that super power—another on a long list of things I still couldn’t do. Just another perk of being the newbie.

“Thought I’d tell you Graham and I are leaving.”

Graham, aka Rebel, looked nothing like Greysan, his fraternal twin I’d had a not-so-secret crush on since the day I met him.

Some of you might find this familiar. Yes it's Neophyte, but I revised and redid most of it. If you've read it before, you're going to want to read it again when its published again. I am working on getting Requiem edited and finished so I can put all my attention into Rogue and get all three out together. 

What do you think? 



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