Friday, January 3, 2014

Crit Partners

When I started writing, all those years ago....
I had this naive image of what getting a book published is all about. 

Man was that a reality check after I had finished my book and thought it was perfect and ready for an agent to pick it up, wave their magic wand and poof my manuscript would become a book. 

I never once thought it was going to be as hard to get an agent, (I currently still don't have one. But if you are an agent reading this, and you are looking for an awesome writing who will work hard... contact me! I won't disappoint!) I didn't even know how to get one really. I thought you just go through pick one off a list, tell them you want them and poof they were all yours. 

Yeah, I am blonde... and it was a big shocker when that wasn't how it went. 

So, that was a few years ago. And I learn new things about the writing/publishing world almost every day!

Like Crit partners! 

Who knew there are incredible people out there that will help you with your MS as long as you help them with theirs!

So I met two amazing women, Ashley and Leila and they have helped me more in two weeks than I have helped myself in the last year by trying to do it on my own!

These two have helped me renew my love of the Linked Series and I am working hard at getting it done and out for all to read. Hopefully with this awesome revamping of it an agent will see it and love it and me and the characters and will want to sign me and help me further my career.

So that is awesome and so are my new Crit partners!



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