Thursday, August 20, 2015

2015 Pitchwars Mentee Bio

Well here goes nothing. 

I apologize in advance for typos, ramblings and things that just don't make sense.

Guarantee they make sense in my head.

I'm married to my high school sweetheart and the mom of two blonde monsters. And one miniature Dalmatian, (she's part terrier). I am a proud Wisconsinite. I hate the winters here though.

I have a not so secret crush on Miles Teller and I am crushed that they cancelled Glee.

I guess you want to know about my writing... right? Because this is a writing bio...

I entered my debut novel Neophyte. This is like the third year I entered it.. and the last time I will. I only entered with it this one last time because I rewrote it and edited it to be an NA where it used to be a YA.

Neo is the first book in a seven book planned paranormal series, titled Linked. All of which are NA.  Luminary and Rogue are completed and just need final edits.

Currently I am writing Guardian and Ipsum simultaneously.

Not in the Linked Series I have also written:

- Tainted Lullaby which is an NA contemporary romance and is in need of edits.

- Superman (working title not actual) which is also a NA contemporary romance. Which I need to finish writing.

- Space Grease is my YA sci-fi that I just started writing and am so excited about.

Things about me that are not writer related... I love shopping, crafting, writing (duh), I once tried out to be a professional cheerleader and laughed hysterically through the entire audition.

Im a soccer mom (4 days a week) and a dance mom (2-3 days a week) and still fit in time to sleep and stare at the laundry monster.

I've tried to lure cleaning elves to my house with cookies but they were not impressed and so my house is always in a perpetual state of maybe clean.

If I had a super power it would be the ability to read minds.

And beyond popular believe I was not raised by wolves. But I am addicted to high heels.

Favorite foods are salad and ice cream.

Yes I am a contradiction.

Deal with it.

I think I've numbed your brain enough.

Have a good day.

From the depths of chaos,


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