Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hello beautiful people of the internet.

I was nominated by Amy Kidd  for #PitchWarsAMA, so I was asked five questions, here are my answers... fair warning. I am a pretty quirky person, I apologize in advance.

@EGMooreWriter asked: what's the weirdest character you've written?

That would have to be my darling Drea. She is a character I came up with years ago for an group story I was writing with some friends. She is mana welder who can't really control her mana very well. Nor can anyone else. Her mana is controlled by her emotions. She is kind of like a Luna Lovegood if Luna Lovegood randomly grew flowers from her ears or crumbled cities on a bad day. She is by far my favorite weird character, she always keeps me on my toes.

@MichaelMammay asked: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Um.... yeah. For 1. I am terrified of birds. And two... I am way better at English then math or science... so I am going to go with 42. That sounds about right, right?

I believe the correct answer was already answered anyways by "European or African"

But I could also answer with 24 miles per hour. (Because that's what google says)

@D.R.Perry asked: How do you get plot ideas, Emmalee?

Good question. Honestly, I don't have a method to my madness. One book came out of pure thin air. Another was a dream I had. There was one that came from watching a movie. And my kids are always a good inspiration for imagination.

@E.L. Wicker asked: Is there a particular book or author that inspires you more than any other?

Honestly, it changes with the day. When I read I absorb so much from each book. Thinks I like, thinks I don't, feels... etc. There isn't one book that I can pinpoint more than another. But I can say that the FIRST book to ever inspire me was Alice in Wonderland.

And last but not least the question that had me up for a few hours last night....

@Eris0303 asked: Who wins - ninja vs pirate?

I feel like the answer to this should also be the answer to all the worlds questions and therefore should be 42.

But that doesn't explain it.

I think it depends on location... because in the water pirates would totally rule... but on land... pirates wouldn't have a chance and ninjas would totally dominate.

I sat up last night thinking of scenarios and that is what I came up with. Lame I know. But that's my answer and I am sticking to it! Plus, I am working on minimal sleep because I was up all night thinking about this.

And with that, @EGMooreWriter you're up!


Emily Moore said...

hahaha. Hilarious! Thanks for tagging me. I wouldn't mind that last question, and I am prone to one more than the other. :D

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